Watch Svezhaki TV Channels Online

Svezhaki TV is a Russian-language entertainment channel targeted at an adult audience. The channel broadcasts around the clock.

The Svezhaki TV channel is a true gift for those who are tired of endless talk shows on controversial topics and live news broadcasts. The program is composed of new European and American films. The genres include drama, melodrama, comedy, action, horror, thriller, fantasy, and science fiction. In other words, every family member will find something to enjoy and be satisfied with!

In the collection, you’ll find titles like “Born a Champion,” “Human Wrath,” “Spencer,” “Prepod: The Story of Galatea,” “The First Clone,” “Infinity,” “Midnight in a Cornfield,” “Devil in the Details,” “Chicken Day,” “Stride of Chaos,” “Witch Hunt,” “Mortal Kombat,” “On the Slope,” and others.

The main advantage is the absence of annoying commercial advertisements. The project exists and evolves steadily thanks to anonymous creators and owners.

Didn’t have time to watch an interesting movie in the theater? No problem! Connect to the “Svezhaki” channel using any modern device – smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer. Our website allows you to watch Svezhaki TV online regardless of your location.