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Tayna TV is a Russian thematic channel oriented towards an adult audience. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day in the Russian language. Tayna TV channel was launched in February 2018. The founder and owner of the channel is a company with the same name. The control center is located in Moscow.

The core of the schedule consists of educational and entertainment programs. Informational and analytical projects in live broadcasts are absent. The collection includes a variety of mystical movies and series, such as “Jupiter Ascending,” “Alien Code,” “Frozen,” “White Ribbon,” “Pathology,” “An Angel on My Shoulder,” “The Pact,” “The 100,” “The Returned,” and more.

Pay attention to the following documentary films: “Incredible in the Jungles of Cambodia,” “Seven Most Bizarre Animal Mutations,” “GMO – Genetic Bomb,” “Terrifying Sea Monsters from Prehistoric Times,” “Modeling a Rational World,” “Eight Revived Statues,” “Ghost Ships Still Haunting Sailors.”

Programs on Tayna TV Some of the most popular programs on “Тайна ТВ” channel:

  • “Myth Hunters” – The team thoroughly investigates the greatest legends: the Holy Grail, pirate treasures in Vietnam, Solomon’s riches, and Noah’s Ark.
  • “The X-Files” – Terrifying real stories of disappearances, serial murders, shocking tragedies, and delayed acts of justice.
  • “Heritage of the Planet” – Stories about the unexplained past of humanity, rarely discussed: the Shigir Idol, the Achinsk Staff, and paradoxes of the Inca empire.
  • “Abandoned Estates” – An opportunity to see the fading beauty of long-abandoned estates.
  • “Beyond Earthly Life” – Evidence that death is just the beginning, and there exists an afterlife ready to accept immortal souls.
  • “Time Machine” – A gift from the BBC: technological progress allows a journey into the distant past and even a visit to the Earth of the future.
  • “Mysterious Phenomena Captured on Camera” – The hosts discuss unexplainable images that cause genuine astonishment.
  • “Forbidden Topics of History” – A series about an ancient, highly developed civilization, the existence of which is confirmed by artifacts. Episodes include “Riddles of Ancient Egypt,” “Unknown Mexico,” and “Peru and Bolivia Long Before the Incas.”
  • “Health Secrets” – Practicing doctors share tips on maintaining good health: beneficial habits, proper physical activities, balanced nutrition, and prevention.

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