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The Arms Baron is a thematic channel focused on fishing and hunting, targeted towards a male audience. The broadcast is available around the clock in English. Andrey Shelestov is a blogger and the creator of the YouTube channel The Arms Baron which was launched on January 3, 2018. He dedicated over twenty years to working in a firearms store in Kostroma, which allowed him to excel in studying weapons, gear, and equipment for hunting and fishing.

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Now, the host actively shares his acquired knowledge and skills with viewers, conducts live broadcasts during trips, invents original segments, and answers the most common questions. Do you know which weapons are considered underestimated? How to properly choose a thermal imaging scope, shotgun, rifle, or non-lethal weapon for self-defense?

Shelestov also delves into the rules of the firearms market, closely monitors legislative changes, and timely explains the implications for like-minded individuals. As entertainment, he offers exciting outdoor competitions.

The main goal is to attract the attention of young men who, in the opinion of The Arms Baron, are too engrossed in virtual worlds and are distant from genuinely masculine activities. Traditional TV shows are absent, but the blogger collaborates with advertisers.

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