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The Griffins – a thematic channel aimed at fans of the eponymous animated series. The broadcast is available 24/7 in Russian. The popular animated sitcom “The Griffins” began airing back in 1999 and is still running. The idea was created by the talented animator, director, and screenwriter Seth MacFarlane, and it airs on Fox Broadcasting Company.

At the center of the narrative is an American family from the fictional suburb of Quahog, located near Providence, Rhode Island. The head is the irresponsible and lazy Peter, a conveyor worker at a toy factory. His wife is the beautiful Lois, a balanced and calm homemaker. They are happy despite belonging to different social classes.

Together, they raise three children: the self-conscious schoolgirl Meg, who dreams of winning the approval of her classmates; the naive underachiever Chris, capable only of childish pranks; and the brilliant little Stewie, who plans to conquer the world and even commit murder. An anthropomorphic talking dog, Brian, also plays an important role, known for his phlegmatic character.

The channel is intended for an adult audience, as the creators of “The Griffins” regularly address problematic topics (politics, economy, international relations, discrimination, disability, obesity, minority rights) and make non-tolerant jokes. For this reason, the project has faced harsh criticism. Age restriction – sixteen plus.

The broadcasting schedule includes all episodes in succession without interruptions for TV shows and tedious commercial advertisements. Take a break in the company of your favorite characters from serious informational-analytical talk shows and alarming news broadcasts.

The History of Creating The Griffins

Seth MacFarlane came up with the initial concept while still in design school. As his graduation project, he created a short film about the relationship between the bumbling Larry and his intelligent dog, Steve, which garnered the attention of the head of a major studio and led to an offer to launch a sequel.

The first episode of “The Griffins” was created and presented in May 1998. Fox acquired thirteen episodes to gauge viewer interest. The premiere made a stunning impression, as it followed the broadcast of the season’s final football game.

Predictably, the ratings declined. The series had to compete with other popular shows. The project was canceled in 2002, and the rights to air it were sold to the Cartoon Network channel.

Work on new episodes resumed in 2004 because “The Griffins” did find its dedicated fans after all. The cartoon has repeatedly received prestigious awards such as the “Emmy” and “Annie.”

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