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The Simpsons – a thematic channel aimed at fans of the eponymous animated series. The broadcast is available 24/7 in Russian. The iconic animated sitcom The Simpsons has been airing since 1989, earning the honorable title of the longest-running animated series in the history of world television. The idea was created by animator and caricaturist Matt Groening, and it airs on Fox Broadcasting Company.

At the center of the narrative is a close-knit yellow-skinned family consisting of a mother, father, and three children. They live in the fictional town of Springfield and, like all people, face adventures and difficulties every day. The head of the family, Homer, works at a nuclear power plant; his wife, Marge, takes care of the household and upbringing; their oldest son, Bart, experiences the horrors of teenage life; their middle daughter, Lisa, excels in school; and the youngest, Maggie, sucks on her pacifier and cautiously explores her environment.

Please note that the “Simpsons” channel, like the show itself, is intended for an adult audience (age restriction – sixteen plus). In a satirical manner, the creators address numerous topics, including American stereotypes, distinctive traits of nationalities, the actions of celebrities, politics, religion, crime, wars, discrimination based on various attributes, gun ownership rights, and more.

The schedule exclusively includes episodes in chronological order without interruptions for classic TV formats and alarming news broadcasts. Here, you can take a break from reality. Advertising is also absent.

The History of Creating The Simpsons

Director Matt Groening was working on a series of comics called “Life in Hell” and initially intended to offer producer James Brooks an adaptation, but he quickly changed his mind about selling the rights while already in Brooks’ office. He began sketching the concept of a series about the everyday life of an ordinary American family.

Thus, the ignorant oaf Homer became a representative of the working class, blue-haired Marge illustrated the image of an exemplary 1950s housewife, and the uncontrollable children completed the vivid picture. Interestingly, the author gave the new characters the names of his family members.

Surprisingly, the project got the green light. The two-minute episodes were shown as part of the entertainment show “The Tracey Ullman Show” and gradually won over viewers. Even then, the team members weren’t sure they would succeed and were incredibly amazed when “The Simpsons” became a hit on the Fox network.

At present, the cartoon is popular worldwide and officially translated into dozens of languages. It has been awarded prestigious awards, and in 2000, the family received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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