Watch Tnomer TV Channel Live Online

Tnomer TV is a Russian thematic channel available for online streaming. The channel broadcasts around the clock in the Russian language. The television channel Tnomer TV started its broadcasting on March 5, 2018. It was founded and owned by “OOO KHR Media,” with its management center located in Moscow.

The creators aimed to demonstrate that renovation is an engaging activity that can bring a lot of positive emotions. The TV program features original educational and entertaining shows about construction, renovation, design, and household management.

Qualified specialists such as architects, designers, decorators, florists, and realtors work on the projects. Viewers receive practical recommendations on choosing contractors, materials, and tools.

Program Lineup of Tnomer TV Here are some of the most popular programs featured on the Tnomer TV channel:

  • “ArtLab” – Brief and concise answers to renovation-related questions. Where to start? What to choose? Where to buy?
  • “Encyclopedia of Style” – Designers discuss trends and anti-trends, providing visual examples.
  • “Remodeling” – Workshops by builders on how to do DIY renovations and what tools are needed.
  • “Design by the Rules” – Architect and artist Elena Teplitskaya explains the fundamental rules and shares interesting facts about traditions from different nations and countries.
  • “You’ve Got a Bouquet” – A show about creating floral arrangements and properly caring for decorative plants.
  • “Do It Yourself” – Simple and comprehensible lessons from Yuri Katkov. How to handle blockages yourself? How to replace a broken light bulb? How to install a new lock?
  • “ReStyling” – Host Natalia Naumova teaches viewers to create unique home decorations with their own hands.
  • “Smart Home” – A program for homemakers. How to effectively organize space? What products to use for dish cleaning? How to remove stains from clothes?
  • “Super Chef” – A chef cooks live, and viewers have the opportunity to replicate each dish.

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