Watch Tureckie Serialy TV Online

Tureckie Serialy is a Russian entertainment channel dedicated to fans of Turkish cinema. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day in the Russian language.

The core Tureckie Serialy of the broadcasting schedule consists of multi-part projects from different years of excellent quality. Here, you can take a break from political talk shows and live news broadcasts, enjoying captivating plots portrayed by talented actors. The genres of Tureckie Serialy include drama, melodrama, comedy, crime, action, horror, and more. Commercial advertisements are included.

Here are some of the most famous Tureckie Serialy on the channel:

  • “Redemption” – Music teacher Zeynep teams up with experienced detective Sinan to save her kidnapped daughter and unravel a web of terrifying secrets.
  • “Miracle Doctor” – Gifted surgeon Ali excels in medicine but has no understanding of the everyday world and how people build relationships.
  • “Liars with Candles” – Two years have passed since Elif’s husband disappeared without a trace. She receives mysterious calls from an unknown number and decides to investigate.
  • “My Daughter” – Eight-year-old Oyku is incredibly intelligent and decides to find her biological father. Demir is a scammer who just came up with a new scheme and doesn’t want to take responsibility for the child.
  • “Big Little Lie” – In school, Arzu, Pelin, and Merve mercilessly mocked their classmate Oya, which they forgot about over the years. However, harsh revenge awaits them around the corner.
  • “I Waited for You for So Long” – Successful businessman Kadir Eren suffers from loneliness after a tragedy. He meets the beautiful Aylin and falls in love almost at first sight, but she is promised to another.
  • “The Dam” – Calculated fraudster Nehir is used to deceiving men and never dreamed of true love until it happens, and now she’s willing to do anything to meet the guy from the app.
  • “Firefly” – Divorce lawyer Baris no longer believes in romance but unexpectedly meets the cheerful taxi driver Asla, who can turn his everyday life upside down.
  • “My Left Half” – Serra used to have everything but lost financial support after her father’s tragic death. A complicated relationship with the wealthy Selim makes things even more complex.
  • “Mother’s Secret” – Spouses Daphne and Chinara are expecting their first child, reveling in happiness and unaware of the lurking cunning enemies.

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