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TVMChannel is an entertainment channel dedicated to the creative arts in Russia. The channel broadcasts around the clock in the Russian language. The TVMChannel was launched in 2014. The channel’s program is based on educational and entertaining shows about creativity, art, and travel, as well as documentary and fictional films, TV series, celebrity news, and music videos.

Programs on TVMChannel Here are some of the most interesting programs on TVMChannel:

“Livetrip” – an informative travel program. Hosts travel to different cities and countries, showcasing landmarks, sharing fascinating facts, and offering useful tips; “Mediastar School” – a show for interview enthusiasts. Russian celebrities come to the studio to talk about their lives, creative paths, achievements, and future plans; “Great Traveler” – a series of informative films by enthusiastic travelers. The hosts visit cities, countries, and reserves, generously sharing their materials and acquired knowledge with the viewers;

“My Perfect Wedding” – preparing for such an event is a challenging task, and the hosts of this program help viewers organize the perfect wedding. Interestingly, celebrities are also among the participants; “Our Talented Country” – anyone can record a video about their city and send it to the channel’s email to soon see their creation on the TV screen; “Musical Saloon” – a two-hour music program. Well-known performers and underground stars come to the studio, providing viewers the opportunity to enjoy live concerts and get answers to their questions; “Mysteries of Russian History” – an educational show. Each episode focuses on a single historical story;

“How Idols Left” – a series of documentary films about famous figures from the Soviet era. How did they live? How did they create it? How did they disappear from everyone’s radar?; “Legends of World Cinema” – interesting stories about actors, directors, screenwriters, and other figures in the film industry; “World Without Visas” – a useful program about traveling to countries where entry doesn’t require visa documents: Thailand, Indonesia, Israel, Turkey, Georgia, Montenegro, Armenia. Films and Series on TVMChannel The most popular series on TVMChannel:

“Kommissar Rex”; “Ruins Shoot”; “Secret Fairway”; “Black Raven”; “Sprut”; “Until 17 and Older”; “Hearts of Three.” News on TVMChannel There are no traditional live news broadcasts on the channel, but the “Mediastar” program is aired daily. Through this program, viewers are kept informed about events in the creative world and receive announcements about upcoming events.

If you have a deep interest in creativity, art, or travel, feel free to connect to the TVMChannel! You can watch the channel’s interesting original programs online on our website. Check your internet connection, choose a convenient device, and stay in the loop!