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VHS TV is a Russian entertainment television channel dedicated to movies with amateur single-voice dubbing. The channel broadcasts in the Russian language 24 hours a day. The VHS TV channel is like a portal to the past, allowing you to revisit various films in the legendary characteristic voiceover style. Imagine that you’re in a video salon and choosing a cassette for the evening.

VHS TV смотреть онлайн

The channel’s broadcast schedule is based on old movies in a non-stop mode. The genres covered include action, western, thriller, detective, comedy, drama, and melodrama. The playlists include works by talented voice-over artists such as Alexey Mikhaliov, Leonid Volodarsky, Andrey Gavrilov, Vartan Dohalov, Sergey Vizgunov, Yuriy Zhivov, Pyotr Kartzev, and more.

The collection includes films such as “Ночной зверинец” (“Night of the Wilding”), “Для этого нельзя быть слишком молодым” (“You Can’t Be Too Young for This”), “Солнечный кризис” (“Solar Crisis”), “Дядюшка Бак” (“Uncle Buck”), “Внутренний враг” (“Enemy Within”), “Флетч жив” (“Fletch Lives”), “Мертвая зона” (“The Dead Zone”), “Отель Новая Роза” (“Hotel New Rose”), “Юные мстители” (“Young Avengers”), “Жертва” (“Sacrifice”), “Удар молнии ниндзя” (“Ninja Strike Thunderbolt”), “Без тормозов” (“Full Throttle”), “Горячие парни” (“Hot Shots”), “Переполох” (“Three Men and a Baby”), “Шоу Бенни Хилла” (“The Benny Hill Show”), “Ядовитый плющ” (“The Poison Ivy”), “Совершенный мир” (“Brave New World”), “Восемь голов в одной сумке” (“Eight Heads in a Duffel Bag”), “Извращённая страсть” (“Basic Instinct”), and others.

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