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Vkusnoye TV is a thematic channel aimed at those interested in culinary arts and who enjoy experimenting in the kitchen. The channel broadcasts 24 hours a day. Vkusnoye TV is a space free from live informative and analytical programs. The core of the TV program consists of short high-quality video clips with simple and accessible recipes from chefs around the world.

Viewers will learn how to cook dishes using meat and fish with unusual side dishes. There are also episodes for those who have decided to abstain from animal-derived products. A lot of time is devoted to healthy snacks for evening relaxation while watching a series or snacks for home parties.

The first advantage is the modest length of the TV shows. It only takes about five minutes to find out how to create unconventional breakfasts, lunches, and dinners to suit any taste.

The project exists and thrives thanks to monthly partnership support and commercial advertising.

Get inspired for culinary adventures! Our platform allows you to watch Vkusnoye TV online. Use your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer, and make sure you have a stable internet connection.