VOA Persian Live

VOA Persian, also known as the Voice of America Persian News Network, is a significant media platform that delivers news, information, and cultural content to Persian-speaking audiences worldwide. It operates under the umbrella of Voice of America (VOA), a U.S. government-funded international broadcasting agency. With its headquarters in Washington, D.C., VOA Persian plays a crucial role in providing accurate and unbiased news coverage to Persian-speaking communities.

Headquarters and Ownership: The headquarters of VOA Persian is located in Washington, D.C., United States. It operates as part of the U.S. federal government and is under the umbrella of the Voice of America, a government-funded organization dedicated to providing reliable and objective news to global audiences.

History and Establishment: VOA Persian’s roots date back to its establishment as the “VOA Persia Service” in July 2003. However, its presence and influence have deeper origins. VOA Persian’s TV broadcasting commenced on 18 October 1994, while its radio broadcasting started earlier on 22 November 1979. These historical milestones underline enduring commitment to delivering news and information to Persian speakers, especially during critical periods in global history.

Broadcasting Mediums:

  1. Television (TV): Broadcasts offer a wide range of content, including news coverage, in-depth analyses, cultural programs, and more. This visual medium enhances engagement and connectivity with its audience.
  2. Radio: Radio broadcasts have been a longstanding medium for reaching Persian-speaking audiences. Its radio programs deliver news, discussions, and cultural content to regions where radio remains a prominent source of information.

Former Names: Before adopting its current name, was known as the “VOA Persia Service.” This change reflects a commitment to ensuring clarity and accessibility for its target audience.

Budget and Funding: The platform operates with funding from the U.S. federal government. In the fiscal year 2010, VOA Persian’s budget was reported to be $23.78 million.

Online Presence and Language: Official website serves as a hub for news articles, videos, and multimedia content in the Persian language. This online presence enables global audiences to access timely news updates and engage with various forms of content.

Role and Impact: Stands as a reliable source of news and information for Persian-speaking communities around the world. Through its broadcasting efforts, it promotes a free flow of information, contributes to informed discussions, and provides an outlet for cultural exchange and expression.

Conclusion: VOA Persian, as part of Voice of America, continues to uphold its mission of delivering accurate and unbiased news coverage to Persian-speaking audiences. Its historical legacy, dedication to journalistic integrity, and commitment to fostering understanding make it a significant player in the global media landscape, connecting people and cultures through information.