Watch Vyzhit TV Channel Live Online

Vyzhit TV is a thematic educational and entertainment channel that broadcasts round the clock in the Russian language. The channel features captivating stories of survival in harsh conditions, valuable knowledge, proven life hacks, and practical recommendations for those who appreciate fishing, outdoor activities, camping, and adventurous pursuits.

Vyzhit TV Выжить ТВ смотреть онлайн

The face of the channel is Evgeny Panasyuk, a well-known video blogger, extreme sports enthusiast, skilled fisherman, and experienced adventurer. He travels the world in search of new experiences, thrilling adventures, and unusual catches, and has a reputation for being able to adapt to any environment.

Most of the videos on his YouTube channel demonstrate how he successfully survives in dense forests, high mountains, and uninhabited tropical islands. He shares secrets with like-minded individuals: where to find food, water, and shelter, how to build a shelter, start a fire using various objects, and how to behave when encountering predators or suspicious insects.

As an adventurer, Evgeny regularly changes the rules of the game and conducts bold experiments. For example, he spent a day in dense undergrowth using only inexpensive items from the Chinese online store AliExpress. He has also survived on army rations, cooked poisonous crabs, dissected giant tunas, spent a night on a volcano, and even hugged a live shark!

On this channel, you won’t find traditional TV formats, including live news broadcasts. Commercial advertisements are also absent.

To access Vyzhit TV you might need to visit its official website or use online streaming platforms that offer access to Vyzhit TV Russian TV channels. Please ensure that you are using legal and official sources for accessing content online.