Watch Wild TV Channels Online

Wild TV is a Russian thematic channel primarily oriented towards a male audience. The broadcast is available around the clock in Russian. The television channel “Wild” began broadcasting in 2017. The founder and owner is the company “Wild TV.” The management center is located in Moscow.

The core programming of the channel includes informative and entertaining shows for fans of outdoor activities in nature, away from the bustling city life. Additionally, both domestic and foreign documentaries are featured. Commercial advertisements are included.

Wild TV Channel Programs

Some of the most interesting programs on the Wild TV channel are:

  • “Catching Predatory Fish” – Sergey Krymov seeks unusual catches; his achievements include catching pikeperch, pike, zander, ide, catfish, carp, burbot, and sturgeon.
  • “Fishing to the Maximum” – Maxim Bludov goes to Canada to find undiscovered places and willingly shares experiences with locals.
  • “Wild Recipes” – Chefs prepare amazing dishes such as deer fillet with celery root puree, roe deer blade with Japanese beans, and duck pâté.
  • “Territory” – Exploration of rivers and lakes in Siberia: places that must be visited to challenge oneself and show off one’s catch.
  • “Wild Sri Lanka” – A fearless filming crew studies the art of fishing in places inhabited by trevally, mackerel, tuna, and sharks.
  • “Dog on the Hunt” – Canine experts talk about suitable breeds: how to choose, what to pay attention to, and whether it’s possible to train and train a pet independently.
  • “Fishing Season” – Discover how to diversify the usual process at the nearest reservoir if there’s no opportunity for a trip.
  • “Fishing Without Borders” – International tournament participants wander and repeatedly prove their skills in hopes of winning the main prize.
  • “Fur Hunter” – Recluse Andrew Stanley lives far from civilization and invents traps and snares.
  • “Gamekeeping” – Information on building enclosures and caring for animals: pastures, feed fields, equipment, vaccination, care, and control.
  • “On the Shore” – Exciting competitions in classic fishing on picturesque British lakes like Viaduct Lakes.
  • “Russian Reserves” – Stories about how natural parks are organized: who lives there and why, what the average employee’s workday looks like, and why it’s important to protect flora and fauna.
  • “Wild Maldives” – Survival expert Georgy Rumyantsev puts his knowledge to the test and shares impressions.
  • “Secrets of Success” – Fishing in shallow depths and strong currents: Practical recommendations and proven life hacks from host Evgeny Sereda.
  • “Taxidermists” – Alexander Sokolov shows how to create taxidermy mounts of animals and birds.

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