Watch YAS Sports TV Live Online

YAS Sports is an Arabic sports channel dedicated to horse racing, camel racing, falconry, and water sports. It offers round-the-clock broadcasts in the Arabic language. Founded and owned by Abu Dhabi Media, YAS Sports has its operational center in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The name “YAS Sports” derives from the Bani Yas tribe and the families of Al-Nahayyan and Al-Maktoum, which are still highly respected by UAE residents. The channel was created to tell the stories of these prominent families and tribes, draw attention to unique sports, and inspire young athletes.

The target audience includes fans of traditional sports. In live broadcasts, viewers can witness the preparation and competition of participants. Additionally, the channel features an original documentary series explaining the origins of Arab sports, the key figures who popularized them, and whose achievements are a source of pride.

You can watch the YAS Sports channel online on our website. Ensure that your device is securely connected to the internet and immerse yourself in the remarkable world that may be unfamiliar to residents of the CIS countries!

YAS Sports provides an intriguing and educational glimpse into traditional Arab sports and culture, making it a must-watch channel for those interested in the rich heritage and unique sporting traditions of the region.