Watch Zagorodnyj TV Channel Online

Zagorodnyj TV is a Russian thematic channel that is available for online streaming. The channel broadcasts round the clock in Russian. The television channel Zagorodnyj TV was launched on June 1, 2010. It was founded and owned by “ZAO Pervy TVCh” with its headquarters located in Saint Petersburg.

The TV program features educational and entertaining shows about building country houses, landscape design, and gardening. Qualified experts participate in creating the content. The project is sustained and developed through commercial advertising.

Program Lineup Here are some of the most interesting programs featured on the Zagorodnyj TV channel:

  • “Landscape Stories” – Experienced designers share insights on how to plan every detail and decorate a property to bring joy throughout every season.
  • “Candice Knows Everything” – An interior design specialist shares valuable knowledge and practical recommendations.
  • “Leave It to Bryan” – Builder Bryan Baeumler can repair anything and enjoys being challenged.
  • “The House I Built” – The Richardsons purchase rundown houses, renovate them, and profit from the process.
  • “My Sauna Is Better” – Professionals and enthusiasts compete in constructing and furnishing saunas.
  • “Legends and Myths of Garden Plots” – It’s time to differentiate truth from fiction.
  • “Craftsmanship” – A series about exceptional artisans in various fields such as jewelers, woodcarvers, blacksmiths, and weavers.
  • “My Country House” – A project aiding in the arrangement of gardens and orchards, helping everyone achieve a rich harvest.
  • “Garden of Eden” – Growing fruits is challenging, but experienced gardeners provide assistance to viewers.
  • “Phytorecipes” – A useful show about plant preservation, and effective insect and weed control.
  • “Queen of the Garden” – Masterclasses that help viewers create their dream flower beds and enjoy fragrant blossoms.
  • “Clean Food” – Clear and simple explanations about fundamental rural practices: equipment, irrigation, heating, lighting, and greenhouses.
  • “Pharmacy Underfoot” – Host Vera Khrustaleva knows how to create useful infusions from herbs that can be found on any property.
  • “Power of Nature” – Skilled individuals teach how to make medicine, fertilizers, lip balm, and even aroma diffusers.
  • “I Grew This!” – Incredible stories of people who dared to experiment, with their successes surpassing all expectations.
  • “Grill” – A chef cooks live and shares original recipes so that everyone can recreate the dishes at home.
  • “Kitchen Underfoot” – A program about plants that can be used as ingredients for a splendid dinner.

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